Proper Staging is vital when it comes to selling your product. Most people think of real estate or store fronts when they hear "staging;" however, companies hire designers to do staging for everything from ads in magazines to trades show. 

This one of Sarah's favorite parts of the business. 

Design and decor

Our main goal is to make you feel good and comfortable in your home or office! The only way to do that is to come in and asses your particular style. I (Sarah) try to use as many things of the clients personal belongings as possible. Whether it is Rustic chic, Industrial Modern, Farmhouse, Tradional or some form of many of these styles, I know we can achieve the environment you desire! ​​

Your Style!

Decorating for Holidays

Some people live for the holidays, and some people dread it. If you are the latter, you need a decorator in your life. They can come in and take the hours of guess work, and planning out of it, because we all know thats one thing busy families are usually lacking...TIME.